Rejuveron Life Sciences AG is a Swiss integrated biotechnology platform company that develops and invests in drugs and technologies which have the potential to improve longevity. As well as providing startup-coaching and incubator lab space, they provide direct investment in promising means to improve health aging, with the ultimate goal of increasing human healthspan.

DEFTA Partners

DEFTA Partners is a technology venture capital firm founded in the 1980s and has offices in San Francisco and Tokyo - DEFTA Healthcare Technologies, the firm's newly formed fund, invests in seed and early stage companies developing advanced therapeutics and digital health in the USA, Japan, Israel, and beyond - the current investments in healthcare include endogena therapeutics, Orig3n, Two Pore Guys, Lifeguard Health Networks, and Graftworx. DEFTA Partners also supports the annual World Alliance Forum in San Francisco, a premier, international conference focused on game changing healthcare innovations and technologies.


The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) is a not-for-profit, public-private consortium supporting the development of foundational technologies that accelerate the commercialization of cell and gene therapies, and regenerative medicine technologies.
These technologies have the potential to transform health care, with the promise to treat, manage and perhaps cure some of the most debilitating and costly diseases in the world today. However, many new potentially life-changing cell, gene and regenerative medicine-based treatments never reach patients because they are not successfully moved from the laboratory to the clinic.
Canadian scientific excellence in stem cells, bioengineering and biomaterials combined with existing infrastructure positions CCRM to coordinate product development and commercialization in a capital-efficient manner.